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I am a Collector, How Can I Buy One?

We are sorry that you can't buy one from us, but you can buy one from our importer. His contact information will be listed here when he receives a shipment.


I Just Bought One, How Do I Prove It Came From You?

Contact us by e-mail with the subject birth certificate and attach a photo of the left lateral tail of your boa from its vent to about 15 centimeters forward. Hold the head in your left hand and the tail, just below the vent, in your right hand. Then, place the tail over a white, flat surface and have someone take a photograph over your shoulder like this:


If there is a match in our photo records, we can discuss payment for a birth certificate.


I am an Importer, How Can I Buy a Shipment?

Contact us by e-mail so we can talk about availability, price, quantity and shipping. Our shipments travel with the original CITES permit, original invoice and airway bill. If you require additional documentation, please say so before you send us a deposit.

Let's do business. Send us a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 so we can begin paperwork for the CITES permit. This non-refundable deposit is part of the invoice amount. Method of payment will be discussed.

When the CITES permit is issued, we will scan you a copy. The balance of the invoice, less deposit, will be fully paid in advance before shipment. If we do not receive the balance within ten (10) working days from the date the CITES copy is scanned to you, we reserve the right to cancel the sale and keep your deposit.

 Invoice: US $ 5,000.00
Deposit: US $ 1,000.00
Balance: US $ 4,000.00

Our product is sold FOB Iquitos, Peru. You own the product when the product is put on the airplane in Iquitos for your destination. Freight expenses are your sole responsibility from Iquitos to your destination.